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A blockchain based mobile experience that seamlessly integrates social messaging, mobile commerce, and fintech services




Core Technology

Integrated Blockchain Architecture™

Zocial™ offers a systems approach with a groundbreaking blockchain technology called Integrated Blockchain Architecture™ (IBA™)
IBA™ allows partitioning or scaling the blockchain’s functionality between software and hardware components to ultimately solve existing bottlenecks. IBA™ is capable of scaling to billions of users worldwide while guaranteeing almost instantaneous transaction speed to achieve the optimal user experience.
Key Highlights
IBA™ Blockchain with on-chain logic, off-chain data
A low latency, high throughput, lossless, and deterministic implementation
Nexuss™ Omnichannel Application Platform
A mobile experience integrating social messaging, mobile commerce, and fintech services
EpiPath™ offers the first community-driven COVID-19 contact tracing system that uses blockchain technology to protect user privacy and identity.

EpiPath™ does not use telecom SIM tracking, eliminating concern of surveillance. Your encrypted information will only be accessible to you. You have total and absolute control of your information.

EpiPath™ is also a health-focused information portal offering News, Chat, Social Media, and Covid-19 Dashboard. Get the latest news, connect with your social network, and seek advice ‒ all in one place.


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Rick Bleszynski
CEO and Co-Founder
25+ years in system-on-chip, microprocessor and networking experience creating the Internet infrastructure
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Mike Han
CTO and Co-Founder
Blockchain developer with 20+ years experience in software development in Silicon Valley
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Arpit Agrawal
Chief Blockchain Architect
10+ years in Blockchain and software development. Worked on products by Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Dell, Sony, and Epson
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Michael Cromartie
VP, Business Development
25+ years experience in Business Development supporting customer/partner activity in Europe, Asia, and North America
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Kazuo Okamoto
Managing Director, Japan
25+ years experience in Sales and Marketing in Semiconductors and Payment Solutions representing major Japanese and US corporations in Japan
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Thalia Kong
VP, Business Development, Asia Pacific
20+ years of international business experience throughout the U.S., China, and Europe with prior business development positions at Applied Materials and Lam Research
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Tess Nguyen
Director of Marketing
20+ years experience managing brand operations teams in digital ad campaigns, with skills in social, content, and digital media marketing
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Phil Yurkonis
Creative Director
25+ years experience in design, managing design organizations, and design strategy for a Fortune 500 company and other Silicon Valley firms